Welcome to Branded7, home to my collection of limited edition art. Here you can view and purchase featured work from my most recent The 4getmeknots™ and A Sheep’s Life collections along with a range of my earlier work. To purchase the framed prints, please visit my online shop. If you would like to arrange an appointment to view one of the pieces then please contact me.

AT THE RIVERS EDGE- Price £475.00 (Available)

Everyone needs someone to have their back, someone to look out and take care of them. Company is dedicated to my son and daughter. Twins at birth, hopefully they will always have each other as companions in life.

COMPANY- Price £345.00 (Available)

Stroll is the signature piece for A Sheep’s Life collection. It centres around the subject matter, using simplistic shapes and curves, with rolling hills and a warming sky it elegantly encapsulates the whole collection.

STROLL - (Unavailable)

Sunset Cabin was created after a family trip in the summer of 2015. It was the perfect setting, nestled in woodland, with a small stream cutting harmoniously through the fells and fields full of live stock. The sort of place you go and don’t want to return. I recall pausing at the end of a walk at the base of the hill capturing this view in my mind.

SUNSET CABIN- Price £355.00 (Available)

Imagined from those long walks through fields and farmland, Flock Style offers a fun and vibrant take on the countryside with vivid colours in the crops, harsh angles and curving distant mountains. With the barn burrowed deep in the hill, it is the perfect setting for sheep to graze.

FLOCK STYLE- Price £425.00 (Available)

Trips to the coast are always great, High Tide adds a touch of the fantasy to a traditional British scene. A range of brushes were used to make up and form the depth in the sea, set under deep shadows formed by the low setting sun.

HIGH TIDE- Price £475.00 (Available)

Apples and Pairs comes as a two piece set, which when hung together form a single illustration. With rich oranges, greens and purples, the heavy texture in the trees and fruit add an extra layer of personality to this vibrant piece.

APPLES AND PAIRS- Price for Pair £355.00 (Available)

Friends for Winter was a really enjoyable piece to make, bringing to life and really adding personality and human characteristics to the sheep’s persona. The scene is set using a much more muted colour palette, making it stand out from the other pieces in the collection.



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